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Canvas for Chefs ―
Exclusive tableware

Canvas for Chefs is founded by Bram Dekkers, a former chef and Graphic designer. The creative skills and love for food are the base of Canvas for Chefs.

We design and develop unique products for restaurants & chefs around the world. Every piece we make is shaped and glazed in our studio located in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.

We work with high quality stoneware & porcelain clay that is durable, heat and waterproof.

Custom projects

can’t find the plate that matches the dish perfectly? We combine traditional ceramic craft with modern innovative techniques to develop exactly the plate you are looking for.

We love a challenge and are always looking for new shapes. Together we can create something beautiful, exclusively for your restaurant.

We have worked for:

Craftmanship ―
Giving form to an idea

The origin of each piece is born in our imagination, inspired by ingredients, all day objects or created by experiments.

Our products are designed and created in process involving hours of manual handcraft. The entire process takes place under the same roof. The design, heating and finishing of the plates is done in our own studio. This ensures that communication remains simple and personal and that strict control is possible throughout the entire process.

We want to be distinctive with our designs with the aim of surprising and adding value to the presentation of dishes. Every project is therefore a new challenge.

You (and your team) are welcome to visit our studio and showroom by appointment.


All plates are dishwasher safe, we recommend hand wash for some models.


All plates are suitable for the oven, heating cabinet or microwave.